Hong Kong and its young creatives

Young creatives seem to struggle just the same everywhere around the globe. However, the social pressure and financial struggle seems to be even more significant in a mega city like Hong Kong.

This web series gives you a glimpse into three lives. All of them young, creative and bright. They tell us what goes through their minds, how they ended up deciding to pursue passion rather than money and what kind of mark they want to leave in Hong Kong.

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Hong Kong and its young creatives

After returning home from his studies in Reading, UK
and spending the following two years working a
9 – 5 office job in the Hong Kong government,
Elton abandoned that path to pursue his photography.

We talked about finding inspiration in
the mundane, regretting life at 40 and
why he relates a lot to Walter Mitty

Elton // 24 // Photographer

Her viral hit „Fotan Laiki / feat. Youngqueenz“
is currently just
short of 2 Mio. views on Youtube.
Since then two years have
passed and Laiki is still
pursuing a music career in Hong Kong.

We talked about why that is almost impossible,
her love-hate relationship with Hong Kong itself
and how 9-5 jobs are fucked up.

Laiki // 23 // Musician

Aiden followed up his finished fashion degree
with a job in the industry. Half a year later he quit,

booked a ticket to Europe and spent some time
in Berlin’s techno clubs.

He now produces his own handmade leather goods
in Hong Kong and talked to me about what

it is that kills the young fashion designers and
why Chinese factories are actually beneficial to his business.

Aiden // 26 // fashion designer